Al’Tarba has today released the new video for the track titled ‘Hush Little Bay’ featuring Bianca Casady from CocoRosie on vocals, from his upcoming album ‘La Fin Des Contres’, dropping May 6th.

Try not to sway with the groove. I dare you. You can’t not do that. Why? This song has that way about it. That certain something that all of us have but little comprehend or even realize that we have. the music inside us. That is what this is. This is us in sonic form. That smooth groove with the perfect vocal set and subtle everything mashed together in a beautiful song. Add to that the animated visuals left for interpretation and you have 2:50 of sensory bliss. Give this the driver’s seat and see what happens.

About Al’Tarba & ‘Hush Little Bay’

A little girl wakes up at the bottom of a tree. Confused, with no idea of where she is. Despite of all of this, she feels soothed by the soft light, the bright colors and the buzzing of the creatures that swirl around her. A strange, radiant, watery sphere forms and unfolds delicately before her eyes. Intrigued, she stands up and touches it with her finger…

“Hush Little Bay” is a hybrid adventure, both abyssal and stratospheric. Dark and melancholic trip-hop story, this track is also almost a lo-fi lullaby with reggae solar accents.

This story, told by the singular voice of Bianca Casady, mythical singer of the group CocoRosie, is inspired by the dreamlike universe of Lewis Carroll. A sort of “Alice in Wonderland” who would dive inside a 70’s psychedelic rock vinyl cover.

This is ahead of studio album ‘La Fin Des Contres’ out Friday, May 6th.