Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Eric Mobley and Jason Mitchell of the band Calumet. The band has also today released their new single titled ‘Everything’s A Waiting Game’.

Calumet is a band that sound like they have the longevity that they actually have. Generating their fame the old fashioned way; by earning it from gig to gig. But you can hear the history and sheer appreciation for the craft in their latest song ‘Everything’s A Waiting Game’ (below). That classic jam band sound with bits and dashes of the virtuosos of old and freshness of new, Calumet have that rare talent of being exactly who they say they are without compromising either the music or their reputation as true musicians.

‘Everything’s A Waiting Game’ is a jam-band song in the truest sense of the term. Think that magical era from the late 60s’ to the mid 70’s when music refused to compromise and let the radio rule the roost. Whether you’re in the car or in the office, ‘Everything’s A Waiting Game’ is one of those songs that will define the rest of your day.

And, in this interview, we talk with Eric and Jason about how they define those days as well as their plan to get the music out there and what they have going on and much more.

About Calumet

Calumet has a classic funk and soul sound. Forming in 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona, and having a large presence there, Calumet has played shows with Kool & the Gang, Al Green and George Benson.

Calumet is Eric Mobley (vocal, keyboards, guitar), Jason Mitchell (bass, guitar, vocal), Julian Mitchell (drums, vocal), Kendall Davis (vocal), Michelle Worley (vocal), Larry Brodie (sax), and David Moore (sax, flute).

The band has been locked into a productive period of writing and recording for the past year, which they expect to continue for the rest of 2024. New singles are being released every month, featuring their fusion of funk, rock, and soul with big vocal hooks and a pop song writing sensibility.

Their new single, “Everything’s A Waiting Game”, is out June 14, 2024.