Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Jake Dinneen, curator and creator of the Chicago based indie fused multi-genre juggernaut known as Jacob on the Moon as well as the exclusive premiere of their latest single titled ‘Still Wonder (Live)’ dropping this Friday.

This live version of ‘Still Wonder’ captures that magic moment of a band in transition and evolution of musical revolution as a vivid presentation of their live sound and musical persona as well as the songwriting and style that they are quickly becoming known for. A lucid combination of capturing the hook and surrounding it with an original melody meant for the masses and fit for stages of any size. Consider ‘Still Wonder’ sort of a gateway drug and an introduction to all things found on this moon and being left with that exploratory feeling of wanting to hear more.

In this interview, we talk with Jake about that unique skill of creating original sounding music as well as fronting a band of musicians that have that sound that is so hard to produce and even harder to create: original music.

“‘Still Wonder’ was originally released in May 2020—very much a product of the pandemic—and was one of the first songs I started to write and feel really good about after releasing my first project CAME UP FOR AIR the previous summer. To me, the song is very plainly an exploration of unrequited love. It was a way for me to ask the questions I didn’t have answers to but desperately wanted. Now, here in 2024, the live version of this song has become a staple of our set. In contrast to working on it alone in my room, performing it for crowds of people has made it one of my favorites to sing. That connection is great and it’s been a joy to see the song come all this way.”
Jake Dinneen

Check out Jacob on the Moon at their summer residency through September 4th (7pm to 10pm CST) at The Dock at Montrose Beach, located at 200 W Montrose Harbor Drive in Chicago, Illinois!