C3ZR has just premiered the new live version of his single titled ‘BBB’, originally from his album ‘Round Voyage’ via 600 Block Records. This has to be one of the most perfect example of a jam band that there is. The attitude caresses the mood and the mood surrounds the rhythm. What else do you need? Well, apparently you need the sheer talent and audio audacity of what C3ZR (Cesar Pino) can effortlessly convey in a live situation.

It takes good musicians with even better ears to syncopate and interpret a song to make it enjoyable for a live audience. It takes an even better heart to get that audience to feel the music.

What we have here is a selection of styles and influences cascading into a common mood and atmosphere that spans decades and embraces decadence.

“Ifeanyi and I had fun putting this version of ‘B.B.B’ together in the studio. We were able to experiment more with the sound and feel of the track to make it different from the studio version. We added saxophone to the mix, played by Allen Park, which added smooth textures and serves as a call & response to Ifeanyi’s riffs. We also slowed down the tempo a touch, giving room for Christian on drums to play with the block as a clave feel.”
Cesar Pino

About C3ZR

Chicago pianist/producer C3zr blends electronic elements, ear-worm hip-hop beats, vintage lo-fi, symphonic textures, and stylistic jazz instrumentation. A frequent collaborator with local and rising talent, his diverse approach has reached a growing fanbase.

C3zr, Cesar Pino’s projects combine his background as a classically trained and jazz pianist with the electronic funk or soul of his favorite artists like Kaytranada, Daft Punk, Robert or Glasper.

His debut album Round Voyage was released via 600 Block Records in March. His lead single “B.B.B,” which features Allen Park on saxophone that makes the track even more lively and buoyant. It’s also the first of a handful of new versions of songs will be released this summer.

The album’s several guests include vocalists Ifeanyi Elswith, Travis Percy, and Paolo Apuli as well as Jamal Damien on trumpet. Each collaboration showcases a different side of the album — from smoldering R&B with Travis on “Not Over U” to the almost smooth jazz sounding “11pm” — leaning on the guest’s strengths as well as Cesar’s as a composer, arranger, and producer.