With influences ranging from Korn and Slipknot to Trivium and Megadeth along with Suicide Silence and Children Of Bodom, it is no surprise to see why the Casket Of Cassandra’s blend of metalcore, thrash metal, and female vocals has garnered them a devoted fanbase in the past six years. That devoted fanbase has led to the recent Ladies Of Metal sponsorship and the just announced joining to the management firm The Sights Set North Agency, which is owned by It Lies Within’s vocalist Zach Main. On their new management Amanda Maddera commented, “We are so incredibly excited to be working with The Sights Set North Agency. What brought our attention is the amount of attention they give to their bands. We know we can expect great things from them and vice versa!”

While the band saw the release of the newest album Day Four last year, the band will be trekking out on part to of their album release tour, named The War For Day Four Tour, this May with I Am Man I Am Monster and Cyborg Octopus. The west coast tour will begin May 7th in Houston, TX before ending May 24th in Denton, TX. The tour will also have dates in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Oklahoma along with Texas. The band will continue their regional touring throughout the rest of the year, with more dates being announced at a later date with Amanda adding, “Aside from having a female front, our energy and stage presence and our ability to involve our fans plays a part in setting us apart from other bands. We have the ability to play to a wide variety of people with our music being heavy and fast but also being very melodic.”

About Casket Of Cassandra:
Originally a San Francisco Bay Area based band, Casket Of Cassandra is a young, experienced metalcore band with extensive stage and touring experience. Started in March 2009, they released their first EP, entitled The Makings of a False Truth, in March of 2010. Casket Of Cassandra quickly gained local fame for their melodic sound (with a chance of breakdowns) and high energy stage presence. During this time they played with well-known acts such as Arsonists Get All The Girls, Jaime’s Elsewhere, The Agonist, and Behemoth.

The band’s lineup changed slightly after its inception yet consisted of core members Amanda Maddera (vocalist), Riles Olacsi (rhythm guitar/backing vocals), and Chris Campagna (drums). Guitarist D.J. Montanelli and bassist Jake Ramsey would complete the band during their first album release. During July of 2011, Casket Of Cassandra announced that they had been signed to Nemesis Media Inc. with whom they have released one full length album, entitled Embracing the Void, at the start of their summer 2012 tour with label mates Deprivation, as well as Prey for Sleep (now Death will Tremble) and Short Fuse.

The band made the decision to relocate from their homes in the San Francisco Bay Area to the Austin, TX major metropolitan area during the summer of 2013. With the move came new members, guitarist Isaac Holliday and bassist Quinton Rivera who took over for D.J. Montanelli and Jake Ramsey. The new combination of California metalcore and Texas melodic thrash added new depth and soul to an already incredible sound, while maintaining the same style and feel that fans had already come to know and appreciate.

In 2014 the band released Day Four, gaining new attention from different audiences as the band expanded their horizons and in 2015 signed with The Sight Set North Agency and has secured sponsorships from Ladies Of Metal and Metalove Banners. The band is expecting a lot out of 2015 with a west coast tour in May and some regional stuff throughout the year.