1. Enough For Me 32AD 5:22

32AD is an American rock band from the Inland Empire of Southern California. Genres include Rock, Metal, and Contemporary Christian music with an authentic rock style delivery.

The band was officiated onto the scene by founding member A Apodaca (songwriter, guitars, vocals). The first releases include original member D Vasquez (songwriter, rhythm/bass guitars), and additional releases include J Bishop (bass guitar, backing vocals).

Formed as a new project in 2019, 32AD believes music should help people rise above their circumstances. The Metal Demo EP entered the scene at the start of Winter 2020, followed by a Rock EP, with new albums alternating across the listed genres.

In this dark world, good rock-n-roll should provide a positive, enlightening, or revealing message. 32AD believes music should help people rise above their circumstances, and help them from being overtaken by this world to overcoming all of it.

SOURCE: Official Bio