Dead Love's Grave
Dead Love’s Grave

18 years after their first album, Anilore returns with “Dead Love’s Grave.” Producing the album themselves, the band worked patiently over four years, using whatever methods were available to capture a sound and a feeling they had long sought to convey. Recording took place on computer and 4 track, in practice spaces and sheds, in bedrooms and studios, through windstorms and rain, in summer and in snow. The result is an album that evokes the haunting sounds of a distant past. Longing, desolate, disquieted, reconciled.

Orchestral layers of guitar drift through lonely, vacant places. Cascading vocals whisper like blurry, hazy choirs. Distant voices, a faint memory before sleep, washed away in beautiful reverberation. From the autumnal loneliness of “Gigondas”, the maudlin glory of “Nine”, and the crumbling anguish of “Blank Portrait”, to the isolated madness of “Afterwake” and the furtive devotion of “Leslie Street”, each song is its own short story. But taken together, these songs stir an emotion, somehow ineffable; elusive, yet always present. Falling asleep alone. Looking out the window on a rainy day. An endless sigh.

Anilore are:
Andy Tiberius Cheng
Andrew B. Malenda
Michael A. Worsa