Blazian Sensation “Aya Ito” is a striking songstress with an incredibly amazing sound. A native of Tokyo, Japan, Aya is a multi-genre vocalist and rising star. This twenty-four year old Japanese and African American soloist is a force of nature who has toured the country performing for fans of her unique vocals and astounding dynamic. With the ability to sing in English, Spanish, and Japanese, Aya is a sheer standout who is destined for greatness.

For many years, she has been wowing crowds with her spirited performances and eccentric sound. No stranger to the spotlight, she has been interviewed on several media outlets and has been lauded for her absolute beauty and undeniable talent. In her debut single, “If You Let Me,” released by SmashTown Records, Aya pours her heart out to the world about how she feels after losing her ex. This single is a beautiful display of her raw talent and matchless gift. “If You Let Me” is a breathtaking song that takes you on a journey of discovery that makes you think, feel, and love.

Aya is bold. Aya is beautiful. Aya is beloved.

SOURCE: Official Bio