I am a Producer and Dj Based in Stockholm, Sweden.

As a Dj I started in 2008 playing in small bars and the passion of the music started to go deep in my feelings, so I started to upgrade myself and year by year I wanted more and more, 2sd plan was touring in other countries and play my music to other crowds, so I moved to Africa and played in more than 6 countries, then in Europe in 4 countries, and later on in 2016 I wanted more from the music, I had a dream to play my own songs, so I started taking courses in music production on youtube channels, and getting help from some friends producers until I get my 1st single in March 2016, and that was it, that cover got over 1 Million plays on Spotify and top charts in 6 countries.

From then I knew that something big is open now and I will need more and more!

SOURCE: Official Bio