1. Feel Ya FORTVNA 3:31

Forming through close friends who wanted a fresh start on their musical output. After spending time writing and coming together, FORTVNA is here and ready to impact the entire world! To further showcase the new introduction, comes the single and music video for “Feel Ya”

The song was produced by the prestigious Dani Alcover in the band’s home country of Spain. The group also have toured in the past through all of Europe through previous bands.

When we spoke with FORTVNA’s vocalist Patty here’s what she had to say about the song.

“Feel Ya is a very sensual song. There’s a lot of artists writing about love and sex, but Feel Ya conveys the tension between two people who feel attracted to each other. I think there is a very specific moment in every relationship in which each part undresses themselves (in a figurative way) and show their vulnerability; there is some kind of uncertainty, your imagination running wild creating everything that can happen; but the most important thing is there’s also a fire within saying: “go ahead, I don’t give a damn about what happens, but I NEED TO KNOW”. Feel Ya is about a moment: the moment before diving in, the moment before knowing.”

SOURCE: Official Bio