Beards – not vogue beards – but beards like tapestries – battle, bravery, brotherhood. Armed with unrefined grungy folk, Little Donkey are the valiant defenders of the Essex realm. Plug in on your trans-Mordor commute and escape with the Riders of Rohan rhythm. It’s the outlaw’s melody – come on, join in.

Band Interests
Here are some Donkey facts:
Donkeys can live for 25 to 35 years of age. However, donkeys in third world countries seldom live over 10 years.
Jennies are pregnant for one full year and usually give birth to one foal. Twins are very rare.
The largest donkey ever recorded weighed in at a staggering 109 tonnes.

Donkeys are used as guard animals for goats and sheep against the threat of coyote and fairy attacks. They are also used to protect cows while calving, thanks mainly to their invisible tusks, which can be used as a cradle for newborns. The coyote is the only natural threat to donkeys, although fairies are often seen prancing boisterously around the sack-end.

Donkeys can easily carry 30% of their body weight in live load and 20% in dead weight. Undead loads are fictional and should only be considered if real.


The donkey’s favorite pastime is rolling, playing ukulele and walking high heeled over dusty roads.