1. We Go Blind At Night Lonefield 3:36

Lonefield releases his captivating single titled ‘We Go Blind At Night’. It is the artist’s first track following the release of his debut album Feel Good in 2020.

“I am really excited about releasing some singles in between the mammoth task of writing full albums. These smaller projects allow me to experiment with different styles, to collaborate with different artists, and to just have fun creating something new,” he explains.

Lonefield summarises the theme for ‘We Go Blind At Night’ in a single line from the song: “We’re crossing a lie now they drew between you and I”. He says: “Even though I don’t think explaining the meaning of a song ever really adds to the experience, we can all recognise that we often have to dig deeper into our perception of the world to untangle our true feelings and opinions from those of the people around us to find happiness and make peace with who we are. We shouldn’t waste our lives concerning ourselves with the opinions of strangers.”

For the musician, being stuck at home during the pandemic was a blessing in disguise as it forced him to find new ways of collaborating with artists from around the world. For ‘We Go Blind At Night’, he teamed up with a musical legend. “I had the most amazing honour of working with the legendary Dave Roe, who was the long-time bass player for Johnny Cash. He was such a professional and perfectly delivered the sound I wanted for my bass arrangement, bringing some organic warmth to the bass parts of the song.”

Commenting on the partnership, he says: “At first I felt so insecure about working with such an amazing artist, but he loved my arrangements, which calmed my nerves. It took just over a week of phone calls and e-mails, chatting about the project and the sound we were looking for, before we booked a session. Dave then worked with a recording engineer in Nashville to lay down a few bass takes for me, which were exactly what I needed!”

The decision to include more prominent electric guitars in the single, compared to his album, happened towards the end of the production cycle. “I knew that I was missing an important element, so I called in the help of South African guitarist Zane Fourie,” the artist explains. “We spent an entire night in my studio recording ideas and trying different approaches and, in the end, I was able to fill that void.”

As with his album, the artist worked with Grammy Award-winning mastering engineer John Greenham. “From the beginning it was most important for me to create a good listening experience on headphones/earphones, and his work with artists such as Billie Eilish, Finneas and Ashniko really stood out for me in this regard. John is a meticulous and patient artist and certainly makes my production sound much greater than I could ever achieve on my own.”

Backing vocals by Alessandra Maris completed his vision for ‘We Go Blind At Night’.

So, who or what is Lonefield? “It is a project I started to focus on creating music that married my love for electronic music and acoustic singer-songwriter style songs. This has been a long time-passion of mine and it took almost eight years from planning my first release to actually having my first songs published,” he explains. “The biggest challenge was finding a sound that came naturally to me, as this was the main point of the project. I wanted to create an immersive feeling and not the impression that you were listening to a ‘singer’, but rather to a person’s perspective on life. That is why it was so important to release music under a project name and not use my actual name… It was never about me, but about the summative exposure of all the music and experiences that has inspired me in my lifetime.”

A self-confessed introvert, Lonefield says that he is learning to put himself out there. As the owner of a media company, he has had the privilege of working on many amazing local and international film and music projects. “My team and I have enjoyed a lot of success over the last few years and without the support of the amazing people around me, I would not have had the opportunity to do what I love. I have been making music my entire life in one form or another, from school, chamber and national choirs to opera productions and rock bands. I have just always found myself gravitating towards making music.” His band Oursilence was his biggest venture into creating original works and laid the foundation for Lonefield.

Lonefield’s music is unique in that each song tangles many sounds together and then releases it in a beautiful mix of orchestral arrangements and electronic breakdowns. As an advocate of ‘deep listening’, he explains how his music should be experienced. “‘Deep Listening’ is the intentional act of listening to a piece of music or an album like you would watch a film in the cinema – no phone, no talking, no distractions. Simply clear your schedule, grab your earphones, close your eyes and start listening.”

The musical artist’s greatest dream is for people to discover the special moments scattered across his debut album and believes that ‘We Go Blind At Night’ serves as an excellent introduction to what he has to offer.

SOURCE: Official Bio