1. What I Got Myself Into Louden Swain 2:40

How many times have you wondered what have I gotten myself into? That’s the question Louden Swain is asking with their latest single – What I Got Myself Into. Building on the momentum from the four singles they released in 2020, the new single is the latest bit of ear candy from the Los Angeles based indie rock band.

Reminiscent of some of the band’s more prominent influences – Weezer and My Morning Jacket immediately come to mind – What I Got Myself Into finds the band locked into a mid tempo groove with an upbeat overall feel, despite the subject matter of the song. The lyrics tell the tale of someone who is at rock bottom – realizing they’ve plunged their life into such a deep dark hole, that they don’t even recognize their own life anymore. And they wonder how they’ll ever get out of it.

The song has many of the hallmarks of the band’s vast catalog – tasty guitar grooves lead by Billy Moran, a deep pocket laid down by drummer Stephen Norton and bassist Michael Borja, and lots of harmonies and stick in your head vocal melodies from singer Rob Benedict.

Fans of (almost) all things 80’s, the band took their name from the protagonist in the 1985 film Vision Quest portrayed by Matthew Modine. Lead singer and guitarist Rob Benedict, bassist/keyboardist Michael Borja and drummer Stephen Norton launched the band in 1997 after meeting at a party in Los Angeles. Their early punk-inspired sound quickly expanded into a more adventurous and experimental sensibility, while maintaining the tuneful, emotionally open approach that first endeared fans on the early releases: Able-Legged Heroes (2001), Overachiever (2003), and Suit And Tie (2006). The addition of lead guitarist Billy Moran in 2006 allowed the band to finally realize the sonic vision that they’d been hearing in their heads.

Those epic visions and expanded horizons manifested themselves on the albums A Brand New Hurt (2009), Eskimo (2011), Sky Alive (2014), No Time Like The Present (2017), and Splitting The Seams (2018) – an acoustic re-imagining of songs from their vast catalog. They also released a highly popular live album Saturday Night Special (2019). Along the way the band developed a fervid fanbase propelled by fans of The CW’s hit television show Supernatural which featured lead singer Rob Benedict in the role of God, also known as Chuck The Prophet.

What I Got Myself Into is sure to become a fan favorite and an ear worm that is difficult to ignore.

SOURCE: Official Bio