98287-cool_dude!Miggi is a singer/songwriter living in Portsmouth UK and part time in Dunedin Florida, taking advantage of the better winter climate, brilliant venues to play live and fantastic fellow musicians. He has been writing and performing on-and-off for many years, both as a member of various bands and as a solo artist. Since 2009 his focus has been on improving his songwriting which has matured to the extent many songs are getting radio airplay and 2 excellent professionally recorded CD’s have been released.

His music can be loosely described as “British Acoustic Country/pop with a large slice of American Pie”, with songs varying from love ballads to country rock, R&B, pop and jazz/swing influences. The songs are melodic, eminently listenable and well produced. Miggi is well supported by some excellent musicians on both CD’s which enable the songs to be heard how they were intended. His vocals are strong and perfectly pitched, with subtle, wide-ranging harmonies on the recordings. Miggi blends a simple acoustic guitar technique with some interesting rhythms to produce songs that entertain and get you singing along after the first hearing.

Miggi’s songs can be heard on radio stations all over the world, both terrestrial and Internet-based, and he is gaining a strong fan base in many countries as a result. If you like your music to be melodic, harmonious, well sung, well played, well produced, with great storylines, then you will enjoy his songs.

SOURCE: Official Bio