1. Pink Flowers Mote 3:02

Originally from the music metropolis of Nashville, Tennessee, the artist known as Mote relocated to Berlin, Germany just weeks before the pandemic of 2020 took the world’s focus. Mote, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, composes Indie Rock/Indietronica with timeless melodies and earnest lyrics laid over energetic beats, colorful guitar, and flowing synthetic textures. Mote’s writing has rapidly evolved with the recent change in scenery and the shifting of modern events.

Mote was busy playing live shows and gaining popularity, opening up for acts such as The Main Squeeze, Cappa, and Magic City Hippies, before a year long illness forced him to take a break in 2018. Mote released an EP, Get The Door, the following year, but was unable to tour the project. Getting through the illness was a rebirth for Mote. He came to a realization that he was determined to get completely healthy and to move to a new city to truly start fresh with his art. Berlin became that destination.

Mote spent his first year in Berlin writing and also had a successful collaboration with Berlin based producer Lahos with the song “End This Ride.” Mote also spent the year studying film and adding videography to his repertoire. This Autumn, Mote is set to release a string of singles, his first self-directed music video, as well as visualizers to accompany all the singles.

SOURCE: Official Bio