1. Lovebirds On The Weekend Mystery Rose 3:07

Mystery Rose is a young artist who writes poignant, heartfelt songs that range from Amy Winehousetorch ballads to catchy, pop-punk tunes a la Poly Styrene (X-Ray Spex) and Joan Jett with a voice as powerful as Olivia Rodrigo or a tougher Taylor Swift.

One could say she is like a female version of the much acclaimed, critically applauded artist John Grant (Queen of Denmark, Boy from Michigan.) Both Grant’s and Rose’s songs are as clever and timeless, and can hold their own amongst the classics (Elton John, Carly Simon, Carole King) with sophisticated, sweeping productions that are as accomplished as Jack Nitzsche (Rolling Stones, Neil Young) George Martin (The Beatles) and Tony Visconti (David Bowie.)

Mystery Rose released three singles in 2019: “Gossip”, “Eternity”, and “Arranged” to anoverwhelmingly positive reaction, including airplay on the legendary Rodney on the Rock show on SiriusXM andother stations in the USA, London, and Japan. In 2020, she returned with “Passing Notes” and “Sunset Boulevard” (the latter with an accompanying music video directed by Steve Hanft (Beck,The Cure, Elliott Smith, Beth Orton.)

Mystery Rose releases her debut album Socially Distant in both digital and vinyl formats.

in October, 2021. The album’s first single “Stability” is a song that focuses on vulnerability after a break up that anyone who has a heart will sing along to. Hanft’s accompanying video is a joyful, freefallin’ motorcycle crusade through California.

“Lovebirds on the Weekend” is a Led Zeppelin rocker with no holds barred lyrics that is the modern take to Alanis Morisette’s classic “You Oughta Know.” Hanft’s video is a mesmerizing collage of found footage and creative, artful graphics.

“Picture Perfect” is a majestic, lush ballad that takes you on a Beach Boys journey with its climactic twists and turns of melodic exuberance that eventually lands deep in the pit of one’s heart.

Socially Distant is a fully realized, emotionally charged platter showcasing Mystery Rose’s versatility:

“My interest is in the creation of the song and my hope is that the listener will be affected by the poignancy. I hope my work is universal in its appeal and that it may inspire others to sing along, and perhaps eventually want to perform it.” – Mystery Rose

Her music is produced and engineered by the multi-instrumentalist, composer/arrangerDan West (d’Animal, LoveyDove, Sidewalk Society)at Victory Way Studios in Shadow Hills, CA.

SOURCE: Official Bio