Now Defunkt is a creative collective producing primordial sound-box of the soul shifts.

We have an emerging story to share. It is a story of 3 families during pandemic times coming together to do something unexpected. We have worked to create music from our respective places of isolation. This is a story about a collaborative creative collective built on family, compassion and community in a trying time.

This music is very cinematic. It sounds like watching a Fellini film if it was scored by Joy Division, John Prine and Rare Earth. This band is deeply committed to the song.
Alejandro Miranda, Tapalqué

Listeners with an ear for passionately crafted independent music that manages to capture both the weight of reality as well as a sense of levity will fall immediately in love with the sound that Now Defunkt has constructed – and the specific lyrical message and emotional underpinnings of their songs promise to leave a lasting impression on fans of Funky, Jam-adjacent styles and Soulful expressions of sonic artistry!

SOURCE: Official Bio