St. Aria is a musical project formed by Alexander Platon during the late 2000’s. It was influenced by a desire to create emotionally resounding rock ballads, inspired by artists such as Evanescence, Within Temptation and Nightwish.

The first few years were marked by fluctuating members which eventually left the band on hiatus while Platon went on to join The Borderline Saints. In 2012, Platon, together with fellow The Borderline Saints vocalist, Jimmy Ferhm, and producer, Emanuel Svensson, decided to revive the band. The revival intended to only remake two of the original songs, “Another Symphony” and “Until life parts us”, but the interest from both the artists and the audience convinced them to instead expand on the project.

The music and lyrics are largely autobiographical and poetic in nature, written by Platon with assistance from Ferhm. The band has added the hard rock sound of Sixx:A.M., Apocalyptica and The Rasmus to their own, including a cover of Sixx:A.M.’s Skin. Having released an EP, “We claim this aria”, they are currently working on their debut studio album. The studio album aims to invert the normal rock distribution by having mostly ballads, interjected by a few heavy songs.

In addition to the composing and producing, the band is also handling their own marketing and promotion; choosing to stay unsigned.

The band has taken in a number of session musicians, both for studio sessions and live performances, and are at the moment consisting of the two original members Alexander Platon (composer, lyrics, piano), Jimmy Ferhm (composer, vocals, guitar) and the new members Oliver Sandberg (drums), Erik Jönsson (Bass, backing vocals), and Jacqueline Hansson (vocals).