1. Like A House With Broken Windows Stuart Pearson 2:43

I’m originally from Long Island and I have been writing songs since I was seven while battling childhood epilepsy. We would spend summers on my grandfather’s farm in Wisconsin, listening to Johnny Cash, Bobby Gentry, Charlie Rich. Back home,when the city’s punk scene blossomed, I discovered the noise made by the NY Dolls, Television, the Ramones and that lead me to the Velvet Underground.

My band Through the Woods was voted Band of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters in the late 90’s. We would use things like bicycle wheels, bowed guitars, tuba, glockenspiel, hurdy gurdy, squeezebox, banjo, hubcaps, sax and clarinet, playing what is now called “Dark Americana”.

In 2007, I performed on the Taste of Chaos tour and The Warped Tour using a Slinky, a cymbal-playing toy monkey, remote controlled christmas toys, accordion, hurdy gurdy and toy piano, playing hip hop and metal songs.

I am now making Dark Americana music. “Mojave” is the second of a series of dangerous songs for seedy people. Dusty, smudged impressions of ruined buildings and their inhabitants.

SOURCE: Official Bio