1. Montana Slim The Consecutives 6:45

The Consecutives are a Modern Funk band from Brooklyn, NY who write intentionally simple music that thrives on improvising. Influenced by American music between the late 1950s to mid 1970s, pieces of Rhythm and Blues, Modern Jazz, Funk and Soul can be heard from song to song and witnessed during their live show. Compositionally their music uses traditional jazz forms and repeating funk ostinatos as frameworks with an always present backbeat to keep the listener’s head nodding and foot tapping.

Recorded in October 2020, The Consecutives, Vol 2 is the second studio release from The Consecutives. The 5 song session was recorded at Flux Magnetic Studios in Brooklyn, NY in 4 hours with minimal rehearsal prior to letting the tape run and nothing but charts and a brief rehearsal to prepare. Each track on the album is a first take with a noticeable human element to the music left in to reflect the reality of being a musician in New York during the height of the Covid 19 Pandemic. What you’re hearing on this recording are 4 musicians giving an honest portrayal of what it sounds like when musicians don’t have access to regular gigs and rehearsals but continue more than ever to have the desire to play. This record sounds and feels best when played loud.


SOURCE: Official Bio