With the release of their new EP Squared, The Requisite brings an alternative edge to indie folk rock creating and aesthetic all their own. Lush with high energy layered guitar sections, heavy vocal harmonies, and an almost 90’s pop feel, The Requisite lends well to diverse ears. Though the songs range in style, there is a glue that keeps the record together all the while never losing the emotional platform great songs are built from.

The first single “Americana” embodies a true alt Americana feel. The song swings with a fun and upbeat style, while holding strong to its indie rock roots. Like other songs from the record, “Americana” touches on real life experiences to which many can relate.

“Americana” deals with elements of love, betrayal, and picking yourself up when the times have got you down. There are other songs that reflect similar subject matter on the rest of the EP. And though stylistically “Americana” is a departure in many ways from the rest of the tracks…there’s still an underlying cohesion in the song’s structure and dynamic content.” explains songwriter Maxwell Royce of their single.

Though the single speaks volumes for the EP , to get a full understanding of where The Requisite is coming from, it should be heard in it’s entirety. Songs like “Squared”, the EP’s title track for example, is an anthemic ballad of sorts, while other tracks bring completely different elements of songwriting and style to the record.

The Requisite started back in 2009 when Maxwell Royce started putting a band together for a small batch of songs he had written, and wanted to perform live. Three lead guitar players, four bass players, three drummers, and a keyboard player later, he settled on the quartet comprised of himself along with , Matt Houghton, Chris Young and Jack Love.

“I think our sound has evolved in a myriad of ways. We’ve always had some folky elements to our music, though i think we’re slowly getting more and more into heavier sounds, and more straight ahead rock-n-roll.” says Max of his bands evolution in sound.

The Squared EP is available on most digital outlets for download, and the band plans on touring around the Pacific Northwest throughout the summer as they complete their upcoming full length release.

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