Born & raised in Huddersfield, Singer/songwriter Zoey Brook- Jackson has had a deep relationship with music from a very young age. Winning young voice of Yorkshire at the age of 11 she decided to push her passion for music further recording her first demo in 2003.

From there she continued to develop her style & technique through the years and in 2009 Zoe began working with a range local artists to creating original material for mixtape & street singles. Constantly writing and refining her style she then moved towards crafting her own lyrics into full-blown songs dabbling with a range of genres in the process, recording at local studios in her hometown & posting her material on various social networking sites.

From there Zoe began writing solo songs and crafting herself into the artist she is today. Now with an ever-growing fanbase, a stack of fresh material a head full of inspiration and confidence she is now in the studio with Savvy aka Asaviour working on her debut release via the Saving Grace label.

Zoey currently also performs alongside Savvy’s live outfit The Savoir~Faire and will be showcasing her solo material very soon.

SOURCE: Saving Grace (Direct Link)