Creating her own unique flavor of genre-fluid music Daisy Harris takes inspiration from the likes of Mazzy Star, The Smashing Pumpkins and The Lemonheads to cement her brand of indie-pop guitar music. Her impressive musicianship shines through with her multi-instrumental ability and wonderfully translates into transcendental and delightfully heartfelt music.

Harris (vocals/ guitar/ banjo/ ukulele) has already worked the showcase circuit across Glasgow and with total self-sufficiency when it comes to recording and mixing and has been dominating the Manchester music scene with live shows, most notably (and recently) the Manchester Micro Music Festival and Teenage Market.

With the recent emergence of girl-pop artists such as Sabrina Carpenter, Billie Eilish and Caity Baser, rising star Harris is following suit with her own unique take on preppy-meets-ferocious power cuts that take on love, jealously and forbidden lusts.

Recorded in her Manchester flat and mastered by Lewis Morter, Harris’ first release of 2024, ‘Good Fight’, signposts a new direction for the folk-pop singer as she channels the pop-prowess of beabadoobee and showcases impressive instrument arrangements.

The track follows on from an impressive 2023 for Daisy Harris, continuing her undeniable upward trajectory, catapulted by the well-received ‘Fish Tank’ EP, and the following single, the emotive and woozy ‘The Way I Live My Life’.

Narrative-wise, the cut is teeming in romantic tension as Harris reflects on her pre-disposition to fall for academic rivals during her time at University in Manchester. The juxtaposition between competition and adoration is reflected in the jagged guitars and dissonant percussion.

Speaking on the new release, Daisy notes that it’s “a super fun, summery song that I loved so much I had to record it immediately! It was the final puzzle piece of a larger project I love so much and can’t wait to share”.

Upbeat and highly energetic, the track breaks out in sassy almost-spoken work and teeters on the girl pop prowess of artists such as Olivia Rodrigo and Avril Lavigne as she moves away from her earlier influences (The Lemonheads, Mazzy Star).

Throughout, Harris lists everything she dislikes about the person (“I hate your hair / I hate your stare / I hate the way you don’t seem to care”), as she channels the ferocity Miley Cyrus’ ‘7 Things’ before layered vocals declare “If you kill me off / get ready to be haunted”. At just under the three-minute mark, ‘Good Fight’ packs a punch as it balances soaring vocals against insistent instrumentation, in what could be Harris’ most developed track yet.

Harris loves the taste of hatred, and ‘Good Fight’ follows on perfectly from the resentment-themed infectious backdrop of ‘The Way I Live My Life’. With this new release, Harris teases the unveiling of an upcoming project, with ‘Good Fight’ being the final piece of the puzzle.

‘Good Fight’ is where Billy Corgan’s guitars meet ‘bad idea right?’, and Daisy Harris is where 2024’s alternative-pop scene is at.

SOURCE: Official Bio