Following the success of her dynamic and astonishing sophomore release, entitled The Other Side Of Someday, Pop vocalist Darian Reneé has been announced as one of eight artists to appear on the Hopeless Records Acoustic Stage at this coming weekend’s South By So What. On playing at this year’s South By So What Darian had this to say, “I’m super excited to be playing South By So What! It’s super ironic because a lot of bands I’ve booked before are also playing, and now I get to play an amazing festival with them.” She will be playing the Sunday date of the three day festival at 2:20 PM local time.

With two more years of experience and maturation, The Other Side Of Someday marks Darian’s best work to date and she commented on the tracks by saying, “Each track on the EP has some fantasy elements either in the story of the lyrics or in the music itself. Each track is a puzzle piece from my life and experience and I hope listeners will be able to relate to the theme in each. During the writing and recording of the EP, I was influenced by a lot of different artists and genres which is how this EP ended up being a hybrid of sounds. I wanted the overall vibe to be dance-y and upbeat, but I also wanted the music to be sophisticated and well-written, the lyrics to be personal and each song to keep you on your toes. ”

The Other Side Of Someday

The Other Side of Someday
The Other Side of Someday
  1. Close
  2. Partners In Crime
  3. Sleepwalking
  4. Other Side Of Someday
  5. Good Enough
  6. Can’t Stop Us
  7. Wallflower

About Darian Reneé:
Darian Renee is rapidly causing a ruckus in the Pacific Northwest as she emerges as a premier songwriter and musician. A genuine lyricist and captivating performer, this young pop singer gathered critical acclaim for her self-produced 2012 debut EP entitled Only the Beginning. The EP, being only a fraction of what this pint-sized powerhouse is capable of, quickly reached the top five on Boise’s Bandcamp Chart and the top forty on the overall Bandcamp Chart.

Coming from humble beginnings, this Boise, ID native has let hard work become her norm. At just 20, Darian’s music is known for channeling refreshingly honest testimony through candid lyricism as well as expressing relentlessly energetic showmanship through catchy, expertly crafted composition. Doing small tour runs throughout the states, Darian’s music, melodies and entrancing presence on stage have captivated audiences and gained a steadily growing anticipation for her upcoming work. The momentum that this pop-singing wild card has created is slowly sparking an imminent breakthrough to new thresholds and new heights for all to be a part of.

In September of 2014, Darian released her sophomore EP, entitled The Other Side of Someday, that again received widespread critical acclaim. The momentum that this pop-singing wild card has created is slowly sparking an imminent breakthrough to new thresholds and new heights for all to be a part of. Her being a part of 2015’s South By So What festival further proves this claim. When she isn’t writing fan favorites for herself, she writes and produces for other artists while attending Berklee College of Music for Music Production & Engineering / Music Business.