1. Nobody Made Me Smile Like You Did American Anymen + Lise 3:56

“Nobody Made Me Smile Like You Did”, the new single from American Anymen and featuring the soothing vocals of French singer Lise, is a far cry from their last singles “Beach & the Sun” and “Selectively Stupid”. To me, this is the mark of true genius. Genius through diversity. And, as we can all attest to with the recent choices in the change of power around the world, diversity is severely lacking in the world as of late. But it is extremely refreshing to see an indie artist as original as American Anymen reach far from the corners of their undefined comfort zone and emerge with such a rough jewel as “Nobody Made Me Smile Like You Did”. Here’s to wanting American Anymen continuing to make us all smile like they do. Bravo!

If you’re in the New York City area this weekend (12/10/2016), catch them live at Little Skips from 8-11pm.

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About American Anymen + Lise
New York City outfit American Anymen have announced a new release with Lise, a Parisian singer and pianist. The ‘OUI EP’ is the second collaborative release for American Anymen and LISE. In 2014, they released a demo called the ‘+EP’. In the two years that have since passed, they have jointly played shows in NYC and Paris.

American Anymen is a music collective, whose view on art is that what you have to say is more important than the equipment you own and that passion is more important than technical expertise.

It was formed in 1999 by video artist Brett Sullivan, who sings and wrote the songs on this album. Scott Fragalla is a New York native who has played bass with the band since 2004. Tracy Brooks plays drums and Flugel horn on this EP.

Sullivan met French artist Lise in Bushwick, Brooklyn a few years ago at an open mic, where they admired each other’s performance. They decided that very night that they would co-create in a new music adventure.
Hailing from Paris, Lise’s eponymous debut album was released in 2011 on French label Cinq7. Versed in piano since she was five, her music path took her on a detour from her classical music education at the Conservatory of Narbonne, having discovered America for herself, as well as pop and rock music, her luggage now filled with new sounds, including Björk, The Pixies, Joni Mitchell, and The Smiths. Lise has toured the world and has undergone a transition to synth pop in recent years.

This album was recorded partially in Montrueuil, Paris and finally completed in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in the fall of 2016.

“The two American Anymen + LISE albums present more personal songs. These 4 new songs are about how I dealt with my time in prison, my 13-year battle with heroin addiction, the memories of friends who made me happy but are not around to hear these new songs, and how the world is much simpler than the ruling elites make us think,” explains Brett Sullivan.

“The temperature every year is a record setting high and there is still people denying climate change. I feel the summers getting hotter and the winters shrinking in NYC. I don’t need a PhD to tell me we are destroying the environment. Things are less complex then they seem.”

“OUI is the answer to all the questions about this EP,” says Lise. “OUI, I’m really happy about this new chapter in my collaboration with American Anymen. Was the spontaneous home recording of OUI a real treat? OUI. Am i hoping for many more? OUI OUI OUI.”

The multi-talented Erica Schreiner also contributed vocals on the song ‘H’ and contributed the cover art. She has performed under the direction of Marina Abramovic at MoMA PS1, created videos for Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio, had a solo exhibition at The Bill Hodges Gallery, published two books of short stories, and directed the feature film ‘Satori’.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Performed, recorded, produced and mixed by Brett Sullivan and Lise.
Vocals on ‘H’ by Erica Schreiner.
Video created by Lise.
Cover art by Erica Schreiner.

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