1. If I Were You Ciaran Whyte 3:07

Ciaran Whyte has today released his new single titled ‘If I Were You’. With a charming grit and relatable swagger, Ciaran releases one of those tracks that stomps along in the flowerbed that is the mainstream and leaves his footprints for all to see as an announcement that something different has arrived. Something original. Not from the assembly line hitmakers but from those that everyone can relate to. This is music.

‘Title…Uncertain’ releases August 13th.

About Ciaran Whyte

Ciaran Whyte is a young multi-instrumentalist hailing from Paisley, a town with a rich cultural history. As a baby, he would pull pots and pans from the cupboards and hit them with spoons before he could walk, so it was evident that percussion was in his future. Since then, Ciaran has become a stalwart around the music scene in the West coast of Scotland. From busking regularly on the high streets of Paisley and Ayr, to playing festivals with a variety of bands spanning many genres, he has always been fully immersed in any opportunities that presented themselves.

If I Were You is the 2nd single from Ciaran’s forthcoming solo EP Title…Uncertain which will be released later this year and is the follow up to What Good Does Worry Do? which received a great response and was picked up by the likes of BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio as well as a plethora of both national and international radio stations!

“In my opinion If I Were You carries an angry energy, which makes it stand out from the other tracks on the EP. The aggressive, distorted guitars, heavy drum beats and air-guitar inducing solo (courtesy of good friend Jay Fitzpatrick) make it a unique track where my heavier musical influence shine through.”
Ciaran Whyte

As much as he takes pride in the projects he is involved in, Ciaran’s solo work has always held a special place in his heart, and the Covid-19 pandemic offered him a chance to really focus on developing as a singer-songwriter. Renfrewshire Council’s Artist Development Grant scheme offered Ciaran a wonderful opportunity to record and release his first solo material for five years. What makes the EP stand out even more is that all the instruments were recorded by Ciaran himself, aside from a few guest slots. With 2021 looking like the light at the end of the tunnel for the music scene around the UK this talented multi-instrumentalist will hopefully get back to his busy schedule soon, and will continue to make a name for himself as a solo artist and a member of rock bands Dead by Monday and OHNOVA.

“Title…Uncertain is an EP I’ve been wanting to release for a long time. Thanks to an artist development grant through Renfrewshire Council, I have been able to release this EP in a proper, professional manner, and it means so much to be given this opportunity through the council which enabled me to cut my teeth as a young musician through school bands and choirs at St Andrew’s Academy”
Ciaran Whyte