Sonically tribal and beautifully well crafted, the new double single from Minneapolis DJ Dave Wesley, titled ‘Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 – EPv1’. Compacted from an aural epiphany, both tracks seamlessly glide along the beat from that cathartic yet guttural place in the soul that few dare to tread and those that do tread lightly. This is two sticks of audio dynamite with a muse for a fuse.

About Dave Wesley
Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) has announced it will release a new single from Dave Wesley, a veteran experimental dub techno and ambient producer and DJ from Minneapolis, who is now based in Porto, Portugal.

Called “Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 – EPv1”, this new single is comprised of two tracks, transmitted to us from a beautiful but “lonely ceremony place”. The spectacular single is, in his words, “constructed to the principles of sacred geometry and tuning… using parts of the north and the south… and with the fury.”

Dave Wesley’s music style integrates chill, dub techno, experimental, and ambient genres. His music revolves in the same realm as Michael Brook, Brian Eno, Passion-era Peter Gabriel, Deepchord (a.k.a. Rod Modell), the output from Echospace Recordings and Basic Channel. It also shares similar vibes as the work of Philip Glass, for whom Wesley even remixed ‘Why Are We Here?’ for the Philip Glass album ‘Glass: Glasscuts’, released on his own label Orange Mountain Music, in addition to DJing at the NYC release party for this album.

Known for his adventurous DJ sets, Dave performs regularly in Portugal and Europe. He produces under several different names: Dave Wesley (ambient dub techno), Existente (ambient), Xerography (dark cinematic techno), and The Mayhem Lecture Series (experimental and field recordings). He’s also teamed up with Casey Borchert under the moniker The Push. As an active DJ and performer, he mixes eclectic deep sets and also performs live space ambient guitar with TV Crush, an experimental and an improvisational chill music ensemble.

Using production techniques based on the principles of sacred geometry, Dave’s music is captivating, seamlessly exploring evolving soundscapes, iteration and meditation, and seducing the imagination forward into transcendental realms.

“This EP was born out of the sweltering summer heat of inland Portugal and a recent trip to Lisbon, where African tribal rhythmic influence is strong in the air and in the airwaves. I strive to create music that has multiple utility (i.e. for grooving, dance-floor, background ambiance, active listening, etc),” explains Dave Wesley. “I’m greatly influenced by minimalism and iterative process oriented art – and strive to create pieces that, on the surface, are repetitive, while deeper listening reveals a subtly evolving cinematic scene. I’m also obsessed with the contradistinction of contemporary clean digital sonics within beds and layers of lo-fi aural contexts and field recordings, which I think is apparent in this release.”

Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) is the sister label to Sursumcorda Recordings. The latter is also a magazine. Sursumcorda is focused on finding and curating cool and interesting music and culture across genres through frequent posts in their online magazine, periodic vinyl compilations, and other releases. Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda) releases deep, dark, lo-fi, ambient, cinematic, meditative and experimental music that germinates from dub techno origins. It also puts out monthly releases and is becoming known for live streaming events. It has just launched a series of live stream events, called ‘Arctic Dub Continuum Live’.

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“This is awe-inspiring music, existing somewhere between heaven and earth and cut from the same cloth as Michael Brook’s classic ‘Cobalt Blue’… Simply fantastic”
– The Big Takeover Magazine

“A slow driving pulse, around which harsh ghostly wisps come in and out of focus… builds to a filmic, almost orchestral expansiveness, yet it maintains a static core that marks it truly as dub. It is an example of that rare blend of meditative music to which head bobbing is as natural a response as is introspection”
– Disquiet

“A hypnotic and soothing adventure that prioritizes subtle and slowly unfolding ideas. Luscious and enveloping, the songs here are slowly built that subtly add layer upon layer upon layer lulling the listener into a space of utmost relaxation… a deftness that is beyond impressive”
– Overblown Magazine