Dizzy Spells have released their new single titled ‘Night Owl’. The first impression I got was that this song begins with a personality above all else. That personality is a quirky original style with vibrant way about itself that doesn’t need to beg for a listen because it captures the lister from that first falsetto and sustains that with a humongous hook.

To read that the makeup of Dizzy Spells are a couple of multi-instrumentalists in the guise of Taylor Stover and Brayden Deskins I have to wonder what it would be like to be a fly on the wall during one of their collaborations. Lightning in a broken bottle, maybe?

‘A Fearful Leap Into The Dark’, the album that features ‘Night Owl’, is out on November 20th. The single ‘Night Owl’ is out as of today (September 18, 2020).

About Dizzy Spells

With a penchant for unconventional indie-pop and an atmosphere of brotherly love surrounding them, Dizzy Spells is the amalgam of multi-instrumentalists Taylor Stover and Brayden Deskins, bound together by a weird sense of humor, the occasional Lagavulin, and deep camaraderie.

After nine years on and off in multiple Bay Area-based bands and eleven years of being best friends, Dizzy Spells crystallized around the duo’s pop sensibilities, indie quirkiness, and love of found sounds.

Taking inspiration from their favorite artists across all genres (Glass Animals, Still Woozy, and Dirty Projectors come to mind), collaboration is paramount for the duo amidst a world of uncertainties.

“It’s a little self-explanatory, but A Fearful Leap Into the Dark means that you’re taking the plunge into the unknown and you’re not necessarily eager or courageous about it,” Deskins says. “Now that we’re thinking about it, maybe it was a form of self-therapy and comfort to have these familiar sounds scattered so thoroughly around an album that was so dense with somber, negative, anxious feelings.”

Their upcoming album may reflect anxiety attacks, feelings of displacement and uncertainty, but AFLITD is only confident and colorful in its pop mastery. Writing from a dilapidated, cramped cabin in Calabasas, Deskins and Stover scrapped and refined over 30 demos for AFLITD.

Their debut sees the group combining the best of indie-pop with dashes of noodly guitar flourishes, lofi hip hop production, and found footage samples.