1. Don’t Worry Dropper 3:15

Dropper has released their new single titled ‘Don’t Worry’. While originality relies on thinking outside the box, Dropper relies on sealing that box filled with assembly line music and setting it on fire. Their song reflects their personalities, and those personalities are personified with a vivid quirkiness and reverence for the obscure in such ways that you can’t define this song other than saying its signature, and memorable.

About Dropper

Dropper is the brain/lovechild of Andrea Scanniello, a multi-instrumentalist who performs with the likes of Shannon Shaw of Shannon & The Clams, Saara Untracht-Oakner (Boytoy, SUO), and more. Their debut album Don’t Talk to Me was written by Scanniello behind the desk of a bowling alley where she sprayed sweaty bowling shoes in exchange for a little bit of money and quite a bit of beer.

Don’t Talk to Me was produced by Andrija Tokic at Nashville’s renowned Bomb Shelter studio and mastered by engineer Heba Kadry. Joined by long-time collaborators Jono Bernstein, Yukary Morishima and Larry Scanniello, Dropper creates music for:

  • People who have worked in the service industry too long and become curmudgeons at the ripe old age of 26
  • People who are lonely yet want to be left alone
  • People who drink because they are sad but also sad because they drink
  • Bisexuals with crumbs in their bed
  • Optimistic pessimists
  • Those with seasonal allergies
  • But overwhelmingly for people who, in lieu of being crushed by the eternal weight of existence, choose to scream internally with a smile upon their face.

Instead of labeling Dropper with a genre, we recommend taking a listen and deciding for yourself.