1. John Cusack Fake Dad 3:35

Fake Dad has premiered their new single titled ‘John Cusack’, which drops tomorrow (December 10th, 2021).

‘John Cusack’ is a song that epitomizes the sake of the name in question. Much like the iconic actor, the song has that capacity to instantly grab and endear you with that swagger and personality that only John Cusack can. Drenched in it’s own dreamlike state of mind, the song ‘John Cusack’ takes you for a sonic ride that is the originality of what Fake Dad is. And that ride is real. It is changing. It lets you adapt to it. That is the mark of a duo of artists with that sound found from within. Story via stellar. A sonic canvas of bright and natural colors from digital Da Vincis with the end result already in their heads. Absorb.

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About ‘John Cusack’

Andrea de Varona and Josh Ford, the eclectic indie alt-pop couple known as Fake Dad, follow their recent release, “I Like The Beach,” with a deep dive into bedroom pop on their newest single, “John Cusack,” out December 10th. The duo delivers a variety of brilliant colors and contrasting textures throughout the progression of the song. De Varona’s hypnotic delay-kissed vocals are caressed in a kaleidoscopic soundscape painted with shape-shifting percussion and glimmering synths as the song builds; Fake Dad achieved the perfect balance between dreamy romanticism and energetic beats on “John Cusack.”

At its core, this song captures the timeless image of emerging young love that never fails to strike a chord with listeners. Fans can expect to hear a variety of influences shining through on this project – from Toro Y Moi’s eclectic creativity to Girl In Red’s relatable, to-the-point songwriting – yielding a final product at the epitome of bedroom pop.

Fake Dad independently wrote and produced their tracks prior to “John Cusack”, in which they joined forces with seasoned producer Danny Ross. The three built this track from scratch at the height of quarantine; from the composition to the production, they sought out to create something dreamy and harmonically sweet that listeners could dance to, eventually giving rise to the line “dreaming up bedroom pop in the club.”

Fake Dad found themselves excited about the resurgence of Drum n Bass house music, and paid homage to that on this track. For them, “it felt like we were betting on oil futures by making a Bedroom Pop song at 160bpm with an Amen Break in the chorus.” Working with Ross allowed the band to explore writing in unfamiliar ways, ultimately positioning them to embody an entirely new voice and perspective on “John Cusack.” This track is for anyone who wants to get lost dancing to a dreamy, romantically nostalgic bedroom pop masterpiece.

About Fake Dad

Andrea de Varona (she/her) and Josh Ford (he/him) aka Fake Dad make music in their tiny Brooklyn studio/apartment. Since the beginning of 2018, they have been inseparable, with a love of music at the center of their relationship long before they started writing together.

With a signature production sound and distinct vocal style, they create a consistent and engaging framework for their unique perspectives. Although Andrea and Josh come from different musical backgrounds, they share a common goal: to create something that understands you. Fake Dad is always there to give you a friendly pat on the back and a warm cup of cocoa after a long, hard day. They want you to know that everything is going to be okay.