Jessica Faroe releases her new single titled ‘Beautiful’ today. In the age of the lockdown and with the world being in the state that it is, ‘Beautiful’ is a track that speaks the truth with feeling and sends it to the masses with earnesty.

Musically, ‘Beautiful’ is a somber yet uplifting track with Jessica’s angelic yet wise vocals with a solid hook and that certain something that compels a second listen.

Emotionally and spiritually, however, what we get is the self realization that we are all beautiful in our own unique and special way from someone who has been there and has ‘taken the red pill’. People can be cruel. But what we almost never realize is that they put us down to build themselves up. The danger comes when we take those words and let them define ourselves. I am one of those she says have ‘suffered silently’. And what I learned years ago is that, while I can never be the best, I can be the best I can be. I also learned that when someone puts you down they are really saying more about themselves than they are of you. Be beautiful.

About Jessica Faroe

Having lived in the U.S., Iceland, China, and currently the U.K., Jessica Faroe and her music are shaped by a kaleidoscopic, globe-trotting existence. Case in point: her music career began in 2017 with the metal-indebted Awaken EP before discovering a love of synthesizers and exploring the world of synth pop.

Still, with COVID-19 putting a hold on travel for the foreseeable future, Faroe credits the lockdown for giving her time to refocus and home-record some of her most reflective music to date, starting with “Beautiful” on August 28th.

“I wrote this song about my battle with internalized sexism and racism,” says Faroe. “I have been fighting against sexism and racism all my life, but only recently did I realize that I had internalized the very beliefs that I hated. I managed to uncover negative self-talk like ‘I don’t like my eyes,’ ‘I’m not pretty enough compared to other girls,’ ‘I’m not attractive enough,’ ‘I’m not good enough’ among other thoughts and now I’m on a healing journey. I decided to write a song not just for myself, but for all who are suffering out there silently.”

Accompanied by a video featuring friends answering the question, “what does ‘beautiful’ mean to you?”, ”Beautiful” opens softly with snaps and warm synths, but explodes into widescreen synth pop catharsis as a chorus of Faroes asks, “how many times did they tell you that you weren’t beautiful?”

“‘Beautiful’ was initially meant to challenge the beauty standards we currently have in the world, but now it means whatever the listener wants it to mean,” Faroe concludes. “Confidence, self-worth, love, whatever they think is beautiful and important in their life.”