1. Music For Typewriter Meilir 4:19

Meiler is set to drop his new single titled ‘Music For Typewriter’ on August 20th. Written as an ‘experimental composition’, ‘Music For Typewriter’ takes the sounds from said writing equipment and takes them to music in a brilliant, electronic, and subtle way. A poetic ambiance lingers throughout, with the lyrics wrestling with what the heart wants and the ambition strives for. The percussion, aka the typewriter, becomes the heartbeat for the longing within us all and collides with the struggles and hurdles we all face. Do we hit a backspace or a letter, which way do we go?

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About Meilir

Acclaimed experimental music maker Meilir has announced his captivating album ‘In Tune’ will be available from UK Record Stores from August 13th. Released via Gwdihŵ Records (Goo-dee-who – the Welsh word for owl) the record will be available in heavyweight transparent magenta vinyl as well as standard black vinyl and also CD format.

Produced by Charlie Francis (R.E.M., The High Llamas, Sweet Baboo) at his Loft Studio in Cardiff. ‘In Tune’ dropped digitally on 04.12.20 and these thought-provoking compositions promise a thrilling and exciting musical journey for the listener. ‘In Tune’ received glowing reviews and worldwide airplay on major radio stations upon its digital release and will now be available in UK record stores for the first time from August 13th. To celebrate this Meilir will be releasing the single ‘Music For Typewriter’ on August 20th.

“The song Music For Typewriter is one of the more experimental compositions on the album In Tune” says Meilir, “It came from a different approach to most of my song writing, it was composed at first as a piece of music that was specifically written to open my live set. I think this gives it a slightly different ambiance to the rest of my music. Usually I compose in a studio where the focus is on the potential of a recorded piece of music with little thought at that early stage about the live performance. Music For Typewriter was completely different to my usual approach; the recorded version came from building on the structure that already existed from the live performance version of the song. The short recited poem in Welsh in the song Music For Typewriter hints at ones inner struggles when trying to achieve success”.

Meilir is one of contemporary music’s most provocative and audacious artists, melding expert songcraft with a fearless lyrical approach and wildly eclectic sonic sensibility. Born and raised in Flintshire, North Wales, he first made waves in his youth as a classically trained pianist and vocalist. Despite his early success, Meilir grew frustrated with the classical world’s artistic limitations, yearning instead to create something altogether his own. He co-founded cult Cardiff combo Manchuko, making their live debut with a nationally broadcast appearance on the Welsh-language free-to-air television channel, S4C.

Still, Meilir continued to feel creatively constrained and in 2009 began crafting his own unique music, creating innovative soundscapes with an idiosyncratic blend of piano, electric guitar, and assorted synthesizers together with such unlikely instrumentation as a thumb piano, an antique typewriter, singing wine glasses and even trays full of gravel. A series of critically acclaimed singles and EPs followed, including 2009’s BYDD WYCH, 2011’s CELLAR SONGS, and the 2014 single, “Arabella,” all available now via Meilir’s Bandcamp. The single “It Begins” in 2019 followed the 2018 single, “Glasshouse,” that featured on Killing Moon Records’ influential NEW MOONS VOL. X compilation, available for streaming and download.

As resourceful on stage as he is in the studio, Meilir has been hailed for his intimate and imaginative live performances. Meilir will be returning to live performance in 2022 with a tour in the works for the spring. Aside from headline shows, Meilir has opened for The Joy Formidable on their sold out European tour and supported such like-minded artists as Cate Le Bon, Tiny Ruins, Faust, and the legendary Michael Rother (NEU), as well as festival performances spanning Green Man, FOCUS Wales, Edinburgh Fringe, Future Yard and Llangollen Fringe Festival.