Rough around the edges but buttoned up where it counts, ‘Run With Me’, the new single from Micky Diana, encapsulates all that is the single that gets any new fan hooked. Just listen for yourself. And it does it without losing the integrity that only a true songwriter instills in his or her own music by not churning out an assembly line style hit. This song was loving crafted and honed like a parent raising a child.

Micky Diana - Artwork
Micky Diana – Artwork

About Micky Diana
Micky Diana has acted alongside Sheridan Smith & Hollywood actor Jamie Bell, & performed as ‘Hurts’ lead backing vocalist.

He has since performed in several plays, musicals, and operas from Whistle down the wind to Hamlet and Phantom of the opera to name but a few, in Londons west-end and across the globe.

London-based Micky first ventured into songwriting, and lyrics especially as a teenager, primarily as an MC to Drum & Bass and Jungle music. Holding residencies on Pirate stations, whilst performing sets in clubs and raves before he was legally old enough to set foot in the building. Then developing his songwriting at the piano into more contemporary styles.

The varied and eclectic mix of music Micky has been involved in his career has undoubtedly influenced his unique style in songwriting and vocal delivery.

Micky’s brass clad style of indie pop/rock has a well-balanced mix of intoxicating vocal melodies, fast-paced quick-witted lyrics which are a must hear for music lovers of many genres. With an almost urban element to his vocals, think Jamie T mixed with a hint of Maverick Sabre, with a hint of Ray Davis and a pinch of Damon Albarn’s observant wit and you’re not far off.

Micky’s debut single “Run with Me” was mixed and mastered by Greg Brooker. The single has already been featured as BBC introducing’s track of the day is a real pop/rock anthem, about escapism, individuality and freedom of expression.


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Surrounded by debates about the not so forgotten troubles, abortion rights and ridiculously, the banning of homosexuals in public places. Micky felt compelled to pen his frustrations.

The Official music video for “Run with me”, set in a futuristic psychiatric hospital is the perfect setting/concept to visually portray that universal need to escape.

Micky wrote “Run With Me” whilst starring in a play in Northern Ireland.

“It was a bit odd how I got the inspiration to write the track. I was in Belfast at the time when the story leaked about the bakery, that had refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple soon to be married, it was all over the news and there were widespread controversy and debate, and I was massively taken aback at how many voices were in favour of the bakers refusal, at the same time the criminalisation for women having abortions was a hot topic, and indefinitely not all but some circles I felt a bit like an alien plonked on a different planet, all this culminated with the fact I was homesick, drunk/hungover and generally feeling sorry for myself compelled me to write an escapists anthem!!!

A lyric to play out scenarios where people felt they had no voice or were not allowed to have an opinion, and stick two fingers up to their objectors and their backward ideology and then “Run = with me” was born!!!”

SOURCE: Official Bio