Monoflyy has released their new single titled ‘Bazooka’, from the upcoming eponymous album dropping December 3rd. Social context amidst a glorious sonic battle, ‘Bazooka’ demonstrates how to turn chaos into audio bliss with beat, bass, and beauty. Collaboration via calamity and montage via mayhem, this is a song to get you in the mood. And that mood is awareness.

About Monoflyy

Bazooka is the first offering ahead of self titled album release MONOFLYY.

It begins with a plethora of high hats and dense violins before diving into the Flyest cadence, locked and loaded to kick off proceedings via Da Flyy Hooligan. Accompanied by his fresh, seamless, and unique flow which is instantly recognisable. Beautifully tailored to this sinister and musically aggressive piece of art, produced by Hip Hop royalty, Oh NO The Disrupt.

The second verse is met with the low tone street knowledge by virtue of veteran Montage One. He approaches this track with the experience he has accumulated over the years, ever since his debut appearance on the bonafide classic album ‘40 Dayz and 40 Nightz’ by Xzibit.

Going back to the musically turbulent sound that introduces each verse, followed by the effect of a cocked Bazooka, the chaos ensues with a barrage of flows and wordplay from the genius that is Oh NO.

“Off the wall, moves made off the call, seen it like its opticall, big ass bazooka ready to off ‘em all”

A perfect ending to this explosive new single by MONOFLYY.