1. Feels Rahul Samuel 3:58

Rahul Samuel has officially released his new single titled ‘Feels’. A quiet piece of pop and hook plays under the vocals like a stage set for the star. The real strength of ‘Feel’ is the way the song dances around then caresses the hook. That subdued something that great songs are are made and those songs that know it.

About Rahul Samuel & ‘Feels’

Rahul Samuel is a Dubai-born singer and producer of Indian origin. His journey of music began at home, coming from a family of musicians and learning to play the guitar at just six years old. Rahul attempts to transcend time and genres as he integrates a variety of elements into his music. He is known for creating pop, soul and RnB tracks, and UAE publication Khaleej Times has noted his debut single “Quarantine” for having a “contemporary sound and feel”.

His fluidity in the genre is manifested in his latest single “Feels”, which even includes elements of pop-rock. His personal diverse tastes in music range from classic rock to reggae, and rap to Bollywood, and this is one of his greatest strengths as a producer. Rahul also enjoys performing covers of popular songs in different languages such as English, Hindi, Arabic and French.

He has performed live at venues throughout Toronto and Dubai. As an independent artist, Rahul has employed a hands-on approach with his music, writing his own lyrics and mixing and performing his own songs. One of his inspirations who employs a similar approach is a world-renowned singer and producer Charlie Puth. Nevertheless, he is eager to collaborate with other artists across various genres and cultures and intends to do so in his future music.