Emerging from the grim, neon nightmare of Essex come Victories, a sonic sledgehammer of purple fuzz, swinging on a handle carved from raw Acid Funk. If you’re looking for supercharged Groove Rock and super-heavyweight doom-laden riffs, you’re in the right place.

Victories tunes come infused with infectious melodies, sometimes served up with a side order of southern fried, gospel vocals and creamy, full phat Hammond organ. Other times they’ll prefer just to batter you into submission with a brick wall of angst-ridden guitars. Either way, you’ll be unable to resist.

This is what doom sounds like with steel-toed dancing boots on. Play Victories at maximum volume and share the love, or your neighbours will complain!!

Victories are:

  • Chris Marsh – Chief Mouthpiece & Guitar
  • Luke Abbott – Bass Shaman & BV’s
  • Laura Allison – War drums & Warpaint

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