Wild The Coyote has today released his new single titled ‘Under The Weather’. With an outlaw styled voice and gritty, alt-country styled guitar, Coyote brings it old school with a new twist via a track that is a dark as it is inspiring. We need more songs like this. That ‘back to the roots’ guitar with guts and feeling that transcend genres and bring people together in ways that the mainstream pop cannot; back to our roots.

About ‘Under The Weather’

“Under The Weather” pairs strong guitars and emphatic vocals to create a unique sound only Wild the Coyote can deliver. The western, outlaw-country track adds rock, alternative, and blues elements to give the record its distinctive edge. Produced by Joseph Holiday and engineered by Tito Woods, the song covers a harrowing topic that shook Wild the Coyote to the core. “Under The Weather” follows the story of a man trying his best to keep it together for his family, but can’t shake the troubles of drugs and alcohol that are tearing his family apart.

“I had never been inspired to write a song the way that I was with ‘Under the Weather,’ and in a way, I’m not too proud of that,” says Coyote. Listeners can feel the emotion radiating from the lyrics through his powerful storytelling.

“With this song, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and witnessed a devastating argument between family over drugs and alcohol destroying their relationship,” says Coyote. “It was painful to see the destruction those two poisons can have on a relationship, especially when there are kids in the picture. I’ve had my share of troubled run-ins with alcohol, so I went and wrote a song that hurt me to the core.” His ability to bring an immersive story to life through music has led him to create a unique and original listening experience.

Wild the Coyote’s music career began shortly after moving to Hollywood in 2013. With the new change of scenery came the formation of his punk rock group, Gunpowder Secrets. His ability to experiment with his own unique sound of outlaw-country has led him to career highlight opportunities such as opening for Yelawolf on his North American GhettoCowboy tour and receiving praise from Rolling Stone. He found even more success by being featured in the hit series Yellowstone and playing at venues across the country, including the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee and the Slumfest music festival in Nashville.

About Wild The Coyote

Wild the Coyote is the new dark voice of outlaw music, forging his own lane with a gritty and roaring sound, rooted in blues and rock n roll. Coyote has a thrilling and unique style that truly makes him one of a kind. His music is pushing the boundaries of country music with bursts of punk and pop in a way that’s all his own. Wild the Coyote captivates listeners with his cinematic storytelling, catchy hooks, and electrifying performances.

From growing up in a small farm town on California’s central coast to exploring big city living in Los Angeles, Coyote would try and find his way in the music industry by forming the punk-rock band, Gunpowder Secrets upon moving to Hollywood in 2007. The band would find notable success along the way as a local L.A. act, but not enough to make dreams come true. In 2013, Coyote stepped away from the band to pursue a more personal endeavor and found his new sound and voice as a modern outlaw-country artist. Tapping into his small town roots, rough punk style, and replacing live drums with electronic beats, he was able to discover exactly how he wanted to create, write and deliver his fresh take on traditional music. Wild the Coyote is a captivating musician with invigorating rhythm and a dark, poetic lyrical style. “I paint a picture like tales from the Wild West told by a very weathered and lonely soul,” he explains. “I put a dark twist on my lyrics to take them as far as I can in order to give someone chills”

Wild the Coyote’s music can be found on stages and screens worldwide, most recently featured in Paramount Pictures’ hit series, Yellowstone and praised in Rolling Stone. Over the last few years, Coyote has spent significant time on the road, playing stages all over the country. From the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee to the SlumFest music festival in Nashville, it is apparent that Coyote is building his audience far and wide. In the fall of 2019, Coyote landed as the opening act for Interscope Records recording artist Yelawolf, on his North American GhettoCowboy Tour, taking them throughout the US and Canada. With two EPs already under his belt, Coyote is gearing up to release his latest EP, 7 Roses, featuring the lead single “Silver Round Bullet.” Visit WildTheCoyote.com to stay up to date with his upcoming music and tour dates.