Diamond Shake has today released his new video for the track titled ‘Flow’. That dynamic collaberation with animator Dom Bloink continues in a way that shows these two talented artists were destined to work together. Their collaborations are stellar and ‘Flow’ amps the game up.

Diamond Shake really has that signature sound that, to me, harkens back to when songwriting was appreciated. As a child of the 80s I remember those glorious times in the first half of that decade when each song had its own feeling about it. And Diamond continues that tradition in so many ways. His music may be as close to magic we will get for a while. Appreciate it.

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About ‘Flow’

“Considering the anxieties of last year carrying into 2021, I’ve taken a bit of comfort lately in artists charging forward with messages of healing. That’s partially why I’m so excited to start sending out an advance of “Flow,” the upcoming seventh video in Diamond Shake’s ongoing video series around his debut From Method to Madness.

“This video, once again animated by French animator Dom Bloink, is a loving ode to Diamond Shake frontman Matthew Hitchens’ relationship with cannabis and how it’s helped his struggles with anxiety and depression. Inspired by the stained glass windows of Parisian churches, Bloink’s video for “Flow” is singularly psychedelic without playing into tired tropes.”

About Diamond Shake

As discussions on mental health, addiction, and immigration in America continue to gain prominent, nuanced coverage on cable news, Diamond Shake mastermind Matthew Hitchens has lived at the epicenter of all three hot button issues for the past fifteen years.

Growing up in London and playing in bands through his teens, Hitchens moved to Los Angeles seven years ago to pursue a solo music career. After a few failed projects, missed auditions, personal struggles, and a particularly bad visa experience, he decided to stop relying on other people and make the album that faced his demons head on. From Method To Madness arrived with bluesy aplomb in late 2019, balancing Hitchens’ most candid lyrics to date about mental health. In late 2020, Hitchens celebrated the album’s 1st anniversary by launching a video series with dazzling visual accompaniment for all ten songs by French animator Dominique Bloink.

The series continues into 2021 with his latest, “Flow,” which is unabashedly about the positive effects cannabis has had on Hitchens’ mental health since moving to Los Angeles. “It caused an instant improvement in a lot of different areas,” adds Hitchens. “It initially solved my insomnia, but it has also helped with other things like anxiety and depression. It has really changed the quality of my life.”

For the video, Hitchens envisioned a video playing up the themes of the song that didn’t fall into any usual psychedelic tropes, which Bloink got an idea for after visiting La Sainte Chapelle Church in Paris. “I learned the windows were not just for aesthetics but meant to tell a story, and I ran with this thought for ‘Flow,” Bloink adds. The animated video moves somewhere in between stained glass window, ceramic, and mosaic art, maintaining Hitchens and Bloink’s now-signature surrealistic, morphing imagery, but re-imagined in a more classical way.