Earthset have just released their new video for the track titled ‘Pills’. The level of creativeness is absolutely astounding with ‘Pills’, and I am saying that knowing full well that Earthset are the perfect example of being at the pinnacle of originality. Especially in the #indie world.

Earthset are a band of creative virtuosos that you don’t merely listen to, you take in. You take their music in and it becomes a part of you. With ‘Pills’, you get that moment. That moment of clarity and realization mixed with reflection and introspection. That feeling you get when you take a breath of fresh air after that comfort from a loved one during a difficult time. You feel like there is more to the world than just us. There is a connection. Shut everything down around you. Make this video your focus. You will finish it in a better position.

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About ‘Pills’

The presentation track of “bound” is also the closing track of the disc.

The choice fell on pills because it contains the “bound” message in three lines, but without revealing it. We want to maintain a certain hermeticism, we want the listener to build his own vision of the record and of every single song. “Pills” seemed perfect for this purpose.

The piece is built starting from a chord that plays on the hex tonal scale, a scale used in ancient world music, recovered in the early 1900s by Claude Debussy.

The incipit, harmonically suspended, is pierced by feedback that then leaves room for the voice, which begins its nursery rhyme (the text is repeated three times the same as itself).

Gradually the other instruments enter, in a crescendo that ends on an instrumental coda to the rhythm of a waltz.

Video Credits

  • Concept: Earthset-Elide Blind-Simone Tacconelli
  • Actress: Maria Vico
  • Shooting: Elide Blind-Simone Tacconelli
  • Edit: Elide Blind

About Earthset

The project started in 2012, with Luigi (bass) Costantino (guitar) Emanuele (drums) and Ezio (vocals and guitar). Earthset translate into music a continuous state of alteration, evolution and dynamism through a non-linear structural composition, sharp and acid sounds, transitions between heavy distortions and limpid, clean sounds, generally cold psychedelic atmospheres disturbed by noise inserts.

After their debut album “In a State of Altered Unconsciousness”, released on October 26th, 2015, and the EP “POPISM”, released on March 17th, 2017, they were assigned the mute film “L’Uomo Meccanico”(Italy-France 1921) during the Soundtracks 2018 project, sponsored by Corrado Nuccini (Giardini di Mirò) and Stefano Boni (Museo del cinema di Torino).

After that experience, in which they had the chance to work alongside musicians such as Nicola Manzan (Bologna Violenta/Ronin) and Tiziano Bianchi, “L’Uomo Meccanico – Live Soundtrack tour 2019” started, with the Cineteca di Bologna’s partnership. The live soundtrack is a mix of the band’s more experimental attitude (aggressive noise, dissonant and disturbing sounds) with the melodic research that has always characterized their writing.