Jules Rendell really knows how to perform a song and make it beautiful. Just take a look at her new video for the track titled ‘The Return’. This is a beautiful song. Okay, before I start to repeat myself, I have to mention that the video is a lush cinematic journey into the creative. Almost an ethereal storyboard for this lush and gorgeous track. Jule’s voice is the star of both the video and the song, however, as she melds the style of crooning with the voice of an angel that gives credence to the honest and heartfelt lyrics in such a way that she seems to ad emotion to poetry.

So I will repeat myself; this is a beautiful song.

Check out her debut album, ‘Imagine’, HERE.

About Jules Rendell & ‘The Return’
Exploring themes of self-worth, perfectionism, and fear, Rendell has fused her soulful roots with electronic soundscapes, hints of funk and pop hooks. Filmed by Gareth Kay and directed by Ricardo Castro, Jules Rendell is excited to unveil the visuals for ‘The Return’, the third single off her debut album ‘IMAGINE’.

Speaking of her new song, she adds: ‘We spend our lives worrying about things that don’t really matter. We chase after success, value achievement, and stature, but it’s a trap that can tie us up. I think love is what can free us from all of that stuff – I long for that resting place of acceptance.’

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