Kuerty Uyop is a product of Motown and soul. Having grown up listening to no nonsense black funk such as Stevie Wonder, James Brown and Prince, it is evident the dynamic duo bring all the aspects of funk and soul to the table with their up and coming, hard hitting release ‘The Syndrome of Peter Pan.’

Kuerty Uyop Label DEF.jpgHailing from Italy and Scotland, Kuerty Uyop is a collaborative project between a former Scottish priest and Italian karateka. This being said, they have both the power of prayer and martial arts behind them so watch out. If this wasn’t enough backing, many notable Italian DJs such as Piotta, Cor Veleno, Flaminio Maphia and Sottotono have gotten behind the music making for a strong start to a what will be a massive release.

‘The Syndrome of Peter Pan’ is a blend of differing styles which gives an emotional and musical insight into the lives of both members of Kuerty. The apparent masculinity of the track is subverted by a definitive feminine outlook from the duo which is embodied into the track. Frank Synapsi from the duo said that he cried at the first draft of the song which demonstrates how catchy but emotive their writing style can be.

Combining an interesting mix of European house, techno and elements of classic singwriting, Kuerty Uyop are confident that this original blend of established genres will propel them international stardom.

‘The Syndrome of Peter Pan’ is out November 20th.