Constructed like a stomp-rocker with a plan, ‘Anne Marie’, the new video from the UK’s own Lucas, lends stadium audience credibility to the already credible band. The track was made for the masses with sticky lyrics and dirty guitars culminating into a breathtaking anthem.

‘Reverse’, on the other hand, shows a tenderness only a road weary and introspective musician can create with the creativity of a true artist and the colloquial earnestness of a poet.

Lucas is a band deserving of recognition.

About Lucas & ‘Anne Marie’
Manchester, UK’s Lucas have released a new music video for their single “Anne Marie.” Produced and co-written by Cage The Elephant’s Lincoln Parish, the swaggering indie rock track will appear on the band’s upcoming EP High Wire.

“Anne Marie was a turning point for us in the studio where Parish and I suddenly hit upon that brit-pop psychedelia which definitely sums up a lot of the band’s influences,” says frontman Johnny Lucas. “It was such a fun song to write and record but playing it live is the best and I love watching people get into it!”

After touring around the UK and Europe as a one-man show replete with beatbox and looping magic, Johnny decided to make the move to Nashville and form a full band. It was there that they honed their distinct blend of British and American flavors at Parish’s Talkboxrodeo studio. Johnny’s solo run received heavy rotation on BBC, major appearances at Glastonbury and Isle of Wight Festivals, and even a nod from the almighty Jimmy Page who told Johnny “I loved what you did with the loop pedal. There was so much going on it was like a 5-D experience.”

Fraught with complications and lengthy delays, his journey to the US would become fodder for much of the EP’s inspiration. Lucas explains: “After being delayed for 5 months and nearly flat broke, it took a lot to hang in there and trust that things would work out.”

The struggle proved worth it, armed with raucous guitars and anthemic choruses, High Wire is a rousing rock and roll record that weaves together sticky melodies and sly lyrics. With its strong Brit Pop influence and undertones of 60’s idols like McCartney and Jeff Lynne, High Wire is sure to resonate with fans of across the globe.


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About ‘Reverse’
Manchester native Johnny Lucas has made a name for himself around the UK music scene and now he’s ready to take on the US with his new band, LUCAS. Produced by Cage the Elephant’s Lincoln Parish, “Reverse” is the latest single from the indie rock trio’s upcoming EP High Wire. When the band first played the song for Parish, he became adamant that this was the most powerful song to go on the EP and went as far as enlisting the help of Cage The Elephant’s string quartet.

“Reverse was the last song written in the previous Ten Ten Publishing Office building in Music Row where so many hits have been written,” says frontman Johnny Lucas. “Myself, Ronell Coburn and Bryan Tewell were determined to make this a soul jerker as at that time so much was going on. When we thought of the hook a poster of the Beatles fell off the wall so we took that as a sign and it led us to the whole falling imagery thing.”

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“hook-laden, soaring melodies and pop-accessible instrumentation, blurs the line between pop and alternative, feeling both timeless and fresh, and primed to get stuck in your head all day.”
– No Country for New Nashville

“A rock and roll anthem that allows you to feel deeply.”
– Imperfect Fifth