Marsela has released the new video for her single titled ‘Who Knows Where The Love Goes?’. With an amazing soulful voice and powerful yet subtle beginning, Marsela gives a performance fit for the times with a heart-on-the-sleeve style that captivates all who listen and mesmerizes all who watch.

‘Who Knows Where The Love Goes?’ shows that healing begins with the self through recognition and reflection in such a lush aural landscape that one no longer feels alone and isolated from those with the same experiences. This song is a testament.

About Marsela

Based in London, this British-Albanian songstress has spent her time penning tracks and establishing her style, now making an impactful debut with a definitive music identity.

The time she’s spent refining her writing is audible through her powerful storytelling capabilities, and her explicit portrayal of love, betrayal and grief in her stirring single ‘Who Knows Where The Loves Goes?’.

Marsela is demonstrating undeniable talent, and we look forward to seeing what the future brings for her.

SOURCE: Official Bio