Profesor Galactico has released his new video for the track titled ‘Alien’. This video had me interested from the start with its quirky originality and style that begins with a play on sci-fi. And this is even before the song begins!

What we have with said song is an even more interesting take on that fifties sci-fi look with a quasi guitar heavy retro Theremin ‘gotcha-grab’ track that captivates as much as it excites.

‘Being a first-generation Latino in the U.S., I wanted to draw a parallel on what it’s like to be a foreign being in a society that tends to look down on foreigners with “Alien.” The track greets the foreign alien and gives them some advice and brutal awareness on how to survive this xenophobic society. The “Alien” music video comically shows a green alien befriending me after crash landing in my parking lot, and needing our help assimilating in society as he’s being chased around by some secret agents. Peep the video to watch the Alien’s adventure unfold.’
Profesor Galactico

About Profesor Galactico

Profesor Galactico is a self-taught musician, singer-songwriter & producer from Los Angeles, whose latest release “Nightmare / Hope To See You Next Year” is a split with the collective group The Paranoias, out now on My Grito Industries.

Eclectically swinging through ska, Latin, reggae & hip-hop through a punk filter, PG’s new music video depicts a green alien friend making new friends with the band, who quickly steps in to hide their boy out from the “man”. Watch the full video and check it out. “Nightmare / Hope To See You Next Year” is out now on My Grito Industries.