Riiver Brukes has dropped her new video for the track titled ‘Break The Chains’, from her new album ‘Reformed Soul’. Done in an old school styled soul jam, ‘Break The Chains’ gives the power to the people with a gritty soul drenched vocals and dirty horns in a song that is a retro as it is revolutionary. These are the times we live in, but do they have to be?

About Riiver Brukes & ‘Break The Chains’

Riiver Brukes has been making way with your way. Scottish born and current Canadian, Riiver Brukes is a prime example of someone not requiring a lot of teaching. Her unusual gritty and soulful voice brings a powerful edge to some amazing hook laden songs. Influenced by a broad spectrum of genres and artists, but especially her passion for jazz and blues, the music that comes from her soul.

The new music video “BREAK THE CHAINS” a single off her first solo album, ‘Reformed Soul’ which was released in February 2021 was (co-written and produced by Joe Segreti: Bruno Pelletier, Mooch): an album that oozes nothing less than the attitude, character and soul of this Scottish Lassie.

“Break The Chains” is a song about equality and rights for all human beings. The color of a person’s skin is irrelevant as is their place of origin, their personal beliefs, or anything else. What really matters is what is in their heart and their actions toward others. We should never lose sight of that – and that is why we must break the chains that divide us.