The Convenience have today released their new video for the track titled ‘Fake Roses’. Built around a basic but brilliant simple hook and electronic drum, this retro styled track is simple yet elegant and memorable. A lot can be said with very little when it is done by the right people with the right execution and ‘Fake Roses’ is evidence of that. Take what you will from this video because it has so much to give.

About ‘Fake Roses’

Built over a pulsing kick drum, glittering synths swirl around Corson’s calm voice, and a digital string orchestra takes the song to soaring heights. “It’s a state of the union for our lives”, he explains, the song a reflection on feelings of doubt, sobriety, and lost love. Despite the lingering anxiety the song confronts, there’s a feeling of optimism coursing throughout, and the love these two musicians have for each other is tangible in the otherworldly sounds they conjure.

About The Convenience

The Convenience is a pop outfit from New Orleans, Louisiana consisting of Nick Corson and Duncan Troast. After years of playing in various groups together, Corson and Troast decided to record some of their own songs in spare time between tours, leading to the release of two EPs in 2018. The Convenience have since reshaped their sound and approach to making music, incorporating a wider range of stylistic influences and instrumentation.

“Fake Roses”, their second single for Winspear, finds The Convenience experimenting with darker synthetic textures. The song’s pulsing four on the floor foundation slowly expands with repetitive synths, jittery vocal chops and soaring strings. Written in a moment of reflection following months of travel, the lyrics focus on the isolation that constant movement can bring. The song reflects on the distance and change that technology/modernization can create in our relationships, not only with each other, but also with the world around us.

Featured image by Annie Nowak.