Them Velvet Tongues have today released their new video for the track titled ‘I Am The Drug’. Straight in your face with hooks in your brain and guitars up the wazoo, Them Velvet Tongues shows them heavy chords to the masses as a sonic f*ck you to the pandemic and a much needed stomp on the stage as a call for us to all get back together and enjoy music for what its meant to be and supposed to do. Unite us.

About Them Velvet Tongues & ‘I Am The Drug’

Hit with the Lockdown Blues, five mates from Blackburn decided to get in a cellar and form a Rock & Roll band. Because I AM THE DRUG was first track they wrote together, it was a natural debut single. It sums up everything the band is about: dirty riffs, face melting guitar solos, soaring harmonies and a dose of hip-hop swagger thrown in for good measure.

The lyrics are a commentary on the way charismatic leaders can use politics and religion like a drug to control the masses, and serve as a warning to reject false prophets. The song was inspired by cults like the Manson family, Jonestown, and, more recently the rise of Trump in the US.