Good Time Locomotive has released their new single titled ‘A New Beginning’. A solid mix of retro-rock and modern electronic smoothed out with a suave beat and infectious groove. A perfect end to summer by letting you know it’s still here.

The best part about ‘A New Beginning’, though, is how solid the song is. It’s not a filler track in the least. Meant to be heard and memorable after that first listen, a slightly hard core song in the chorus with vivid verses to keep the variety, Good Time Locomotive give another example that they are future legends in the making.

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About Good Time Locomotive

Good Time Locomotive (GTL) started as the brainchild of two long standing friends, guitarist George Taylor and drummer James Philips; both with a deep and soaring passion for emotionally charged music and its transformative power to change lives for the better.

It all began way back in December 2003 …

That year, a 15 year old problem-child George (GTL guitarist) turned up to a local gig for drum n’ bass metal band, ‘Shellshock’.

Little did he know that eight years later, the lasting impression that night left on him, would lead to a chance one-off gig with the drummer of that band (James) and the musical spark was lit!

Life had other plans in store for both of them however, and they went their separate ways.

That was until 2018 when James pestered George out of musical retirement to work together again.

By the time lockdown hit in 2020, they had 12 unique, eclectic, emotive songs to be proud of.

Reminiscent of the new wave era of 80’s pop, but with a large slice of modern rock and hip hop thrown in for good measure, they set out on the unlikely mission to find a vocalist capable of doing the songs justice. They found him surprisingly quickly in the shape of Portuguese singer, Hugo Leite.

Hugo and James went on to write vocal parts for all the songs over Zoom, before ever having met in person, and the sound of GTL was born!

Knowing they were onto something special, the auditioning process for the remaining members of the line up would be a tough one. Several casualties/candidates later, Bart Kowalski joined the line-up on bass, with Nick Shake on Keyboards and Backing vocals a few months later and it was all systems go!

What’s the motive?

Good times. 😉