HassleInOne has released their new video for the track titled ‘Do You Feel It Too?’. With a kind of kitschy idea for how to make a video by making a video about thinking about how the video should be made, HassleInOne poke a bit of fun at the establishment by showing the ‘go to’ parts of the video making process and a bit of themselves unabashed an unrestrained in a unique way that can’t help but make new fans and friends in the process. Oh yeah, the song kicks ass too.

About ‘Do You Feel It Too?’

Cullman, Alabama based band HassleInOne started in 2019 as a lofi solo project of guitarist Matthew Sanford after his deathcore band, Annihilism, had split up. Wanting to start a band that was different than any of his other groups, he recruited drummer, Trevor Gilbert and bassist, Justin Floyd. and they immediately started writing music together. Eventually Vocalist Will Weeks became the final piece that solidified the band’s third wave emo/post hardcore sound.

When asked how the video came about Sanford said “We really didn’t have any idea of what to actually do for a video. We wanted to poke fun at “clichés” but in a humorous/humble way while also making a point of what the song is about and showing the individualism from each of us.”.

“The song itself is a reflection on how the past isn’t as nice as we would like to remember and how nostalgia can make you look at it through “rose tinted glasses”.