Meet InBetween Honey: a 5-piece indie-rock group named after a line in a Bleacher’s tune. The collective is from Meath, an area of Ireland that lies just north of Dublin. And lately? They’ve been described as one of the most exhilarating acts in the area. InBetween Honey has an infectious sound that combines waves of nostalgic 90’s guitar riffs with bold synths, bombastic garage-rock, and poetic lyrics. The group is comprised of two brothers- Matty and John-Paul Melady- as well as Dylan Hickey, Dan Battigan & Ciara McManus.

After the release of their first 2023 EP, Ludlow Street, the group is now back with another jam. And this time? It’s a dark one. “Your Eyes” is alluring from the start, with a heavy bassline, and syncopated, horizontal sweeping feel. It’s grungy in a sort of Brit-rock way. The drum kit enters, bombastic and assured.

Next? The guitars come in: a riled-up earworm of an electric guitar line makes its cameo.

And finally? The lead singer becomes the focal point. Many compare Dylan Hickey’s vocals to the timbre of Oasis lead Liam Gallagher’s…and in “Your Eyes” this couldn’t be more true. Between the expert breath control, contagiously rich timbre, and seamless shifts, Hickey has the sound in spades.

The palm-muting makes the initial lyrics feel even more tense and tumultuous…but then we start getting a bit of lightheartedness in the mix. The beginning of “Your Eyes” feels like being In love, in a devil-may-care, rough sort of way. But then something quickly goes awry. It’s as if everything he does, it is for her…but in a broodingly grim and twisted way. Then we’re right back into the carefree chorus:

Things are different in her eyes than his- And upon first listen this song feels like a sort of a love-hate relationship between a man and a woman. But click repeat, and you might notice that that uneasy feeling is a whole like more similar to society vs the little man. Again and again, we revisit the line- “in your eyes, in your eyes”…

“Your Eyes” is a double entendre of a song, an anthem, a calamity: From the grooving instrumental break in the middle to the wailing keys…right down to the very last note. This unrelenting release is one you’ll want on your next let-loose playlist.


What do you think looking into someone’s eyes tells you about a person?

Looking into someone’s eyes can really connect you with that person. Without eye contact what are we? Just some superficial people looking at brands and aesthetics. The only thing that never changes about our bodies is our eyes. Surely that’s gotta make them the most important thing about someone!

“You Eyes” feels like an unstable relationship the first time you listen to it. Did you intend for your song to have a sort of double meaning?

No, but it is nice that people can relate to the song with their own meaning behind it.

What did you write first- the lyrics or the chord prog?

The chord progression just fell together one day during a writing session. An acoustic, with a pen and paper kind of vibe and it just went from there. The drums really tied it all together then and the concept was born for it. We felt that the song needed a topic that people could relate to but also if they haven’t then maybe it’s a fresh perspective for them to look at.

If “Your Eyes” was a color, what color would it be?

It really depends on who you’re thinking about when you answer that question I guess. It’s a spectrum of colors really! Or I could be biased and say green because mine are green!

If you could write a collaborative song with anyone, who would you write with?

Every time I answer this question I always jump at bands like blossoms and catfish and the bottlemen. Two bands that have had a huge impact on us throughout the years.

What ideas are you playing with for your next release?

We’re really excited about the future works we have in the pipeline! Brainstorming ideas for music videos, the whole process really! Ideas are flowing around on the regular and it’s a really good environment to create in so that makes it all the more exciting.